KM June 15

Hello, & welcome to my home on the web.

It’s the place where you can find out more about me & my work as a writer, & advocate.

I work on articles, books, film & theatre scripts, & champion social justice & equality.

I’m a former Scotland Yard special branch detective having served as an intelligence officer with London’s Metropolitan Police counter terrorism command, & prior to this as a detective with the Greater Manchester Police criminal investigation department.

I hold a Master of Arts Writing for Screen & Stage from Regent’s University London School of Drama, Film & Media, am a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, founded Racism Ruins Lives & an Ambassador for BME Cancer Voice: Cancer Does Not Discriminate.

Max News is my blog, sharing my opinion about the arts, culture, politics & social issues.

Broken my debut memoir, is out soon.

You can follow me on Twitter & Instagram @kevin_maxwell